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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order/ upload my picture?

1. Navigate to our 'Order Here' page (Click Here to Order)

2. Click on the product you wish to purchase
3. Click on the green 'Choose Photo' button
4. Add the photo from your computer or phone (to change photo, click the green upload button again to select a new photo)
5. Select your orientation
6. Choose your 'Quantity'
7. When ready, Select the 'Add to Cart' button

How long does it take to process and ship my order?

We typically are able to get the picture made and shipped out for delivery in about 3-4 business days.

What are your shipping charges?

We use USPS flat rate shipping. There is a flat rate $10 shipping charge per order.

Do you provide any online discounts?

If you are ordering 10+ boards then the price per board goes to our show special price at $15 per board.

The discount is automatically applied at checkout.

Do you have any tips on selecting a photo?

The better quality the photo is then the better it will print on the wood. If your photo looks blurry/grainy then most likely that is how it will print. We can enhance lesser quality photos but it is not guaranteed. You can verify this on your own by zooming in on the photo. If the faces look blurry when doing so then the photo will print at a lesser quality.

Also please try to stick to the rectangle format when submitting a picture. Most square pictures will not cover the entire board but we will do our best to make that happen.

Do you make bigger sizes?

The only size that we make at our events are the 8" x 12" size.

We currently offer 12" x 16" and 24" x 16" sizes printed across multiple boards to make a full picture.

Any other sizes we would have to custom make and provide a quote based on the specifications.

How can I make and submit a collage?

If you are looking to submit a collage it is recommended that you make the collage at an 3:2 aspect ratio. This can ensure that the collage can fill the entire board.

Many collage making apps end up creating a square collage. We typically are not able to fill up the entire board using a square collage.

Fotojet ( is a free and decent online app for making collages. You can create and save your final collage to submit to us using their website.

How do I submit a physical picture?

Tips for taking a physical picture with your phone and uploading it to the website:

  1. Lay the picture flat on any surface, making sure there it is not directly under any ceiling light to limit the amount of glare
  2. Snap a picture using your camera phone. (For reducing glare even more we recommend using a magazine or other object to hold above your phone to reduce other glare given off by lighting within your home).
  3. Save the picture to your phone. (Don't worry about cropping as we will automatically crop the picture to remove any surface around the photo to be able to fit only the intended picture on the board.)
  4. Visit our 'Order Here' page on our website from your phone to place an order and upload your picture.

Other options:

  • Use a printer/scanner to scan the photo and save to your computer
  • Download and use Google PhotoScan app (free and easy to use). Follow the app instructions to take and save your photo.

What shows will you be at next?

Check out our Show Schedule page for all in person events.

Show Schedule

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